Make a Masterpiece 1,2 & 3
In this bright and colorful camp we will explore the works of Pablo Picasso, DaVinci, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and more! Join in as we learn about these famous artists and their techniques. This camp includes collage, sculpture, painting and more!

  Cooking Matters for Kids
Cooking Matters For Kids classes are designed to teach kids how to cook! Kids are introduced to cooking in a fun and exciting way – they actually make food while also learning about the culture, history and variations of the food of the day. Pasta (from scratch), crêpes, and so much more!
  Gross, Grime and Slime!
Join us for a week of slimy fun! We will create, concoct and experiment with everything gross and slimy! Plus, we will be bringing a different slime home that we will create each day!
  Coding-Kodu Plus
With Kodu, a 3D visual language that has an easy to use interface, creating video games is easy! This camp encourages students to use problem solving, and creative thinking skills to create a unique and personalized game all while learning the fundamentals of programming.

So Long Summer!
Have fun as we create artwork inspired by the end of Summer! Of course there's time for fun, games and snacks too!