August Camps
Creative Kids offers a half day camp experience for children ages 3 and up!
We now offer daily drop-in! Call now to reserve your spot!

Little Foodies
Turn your little munchkins into little foodies in this camp as we create fun, delicious treats ! Kids will embark on a cooking and sensory adventure while developing their taste buds for fresh and healthy food.

Make a Masterpiece
In this bright and colorful camp we will explore the works of Pablo Picasso, DaVinci, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and more! Join in as we learn about these famous artists and their techniques. This camp includes collage, sculpture, painting and more!

Summer Science Matters For Kids
This camp will include lots of questions and experiments that will get your child thinking. They will experience and investigate with household materials to discover the world around them. Science is part of their everyday lives, they just have to know where to look!

So Long Summer!
Have fun as we create artwork inspired by the end of Summer! Of course there's time for fun, games and snacks too!

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