Let's Play In Italian
Let’s Play in Italian is an educational program that teaches children and adults about the Italian language and culture through various techniques. Learning a second language is crucial to a young child’s development, and has many benefits for an adult as well. At Let’s Play in Italian, we offer Mommy and Me classes and full or half day pre-school and kindergarten, up to 5 days a week. We also offer after school programs for children and teens, as well as private lessons for children and adults.

Little Chefs
(Ages 3 and up) Get ready for a super fun hands-on cooking experience. Our goal is to plant the seeds of healthy eating early on. Have your child expand their taste buds by creating easy, healthy, and yummy recipes every week. Emphasis will be placed on using your 5 senses to smell, touch, taste, look and listen during the culinary adventure. Children will learn a variety of skills including: kitchen safety, following directions, measuring, nutrition, and more. The menu for each class will use the freshest fall fruit and vegetables. To register click HERE.

Little Rockers
LITTLE ROCKERS music classes are designed to get families singing, dancing and rocking out together in a fun, relaxed setting. We use a mix of our original kids songs from our CDs as well as a selection of kid friendly classic rock songs to get everyone singing, dancing and playing instruments together. Click HERE to register.

Miss Judy's Art Class
Miss Judy's Art Class introduces the world of art to children in a nurturing and inspiring way. We will learn about great artists past and present and learn about their technique and style. We will also explore a variety of artistic styles & mediums. Children will learn how to look at & talk about art, including their own. To register click HERE.

Storybook Art
(Ages 20-36 months w/caregiver) Join us every week as we explore many favorite children's authors, stories and characters… with an accompanying art project and activity for each book we read! Click HERE to register.

What Matters for Kids
What Matters For Kids™ is an enrichment company founded on the belief that children are inherently curious and learn by doing. Therefore, our lessons are unique and hands-on, taught using a multi-sensory philosophy. Students get up and jump around, stick their hands in goop, smell the stink of a chemical reaction, hear the thud of gravity and even see color changes in some experiments! For more class info and to register click HERE.